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Dubai 101

What pops into your head the minute you hear the name “Dubai”? Every time I hear someone say “Dubai”, a rush of memories fill my head. Photos with camels, road trips from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, luxury and memories of a line of stores flood my mind. I spent around five years living in the UAE, but the Dubai I remember is a mere skeleton... Continue Reading...

A guide to spending your first day in Dubai

The biggest reason why I wanted to go to Dubai? My incessant need to do activities in a city with endless tourist opportunities and almost bottomless chests of treasure. The second reason? The fact that everyone around me was obsessing about how amazing the city was... Continue Reading...

About Me

Hi, I’m Saraswathi! Welcome to Meandering Paths, your one stop for finding content that is relatable and genuine.

I started Meandering Paths about a year ago, when I was at my lowest point. I was living an unfulfilled life in a country that held me back in many ways and Meandering Paths was my salvation...Read More