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Negativity and Dealing with “Negative People”

A few months ago I hit rock bottom. I was fighting with my husband on a regular basis, I spent most of my time just sitting and watching tv or playing games, and I didn’t care to clean my apartment or eat well. The cause... Continue Reading...

A New Year - Resolutions and Goal Setting

It's that time of the year when people start listing New Years Resolutions. I for one, have a giant list of goals I am determined to see through next year. The most important one? I struggle with continuity. I always find myself digging around for motivation when it fails me... Continue Reading...

Beat the Holiday Blues With These Tips

Ever felt like you no longer have a purpose to serve after the holiday season is over? My mother would often use the term ‘escapism’ to describe a condition wherein people neglect realistic struggles for a life filled with dream like elements. The holidays is the epitome of this surreal world we aim to be a part of...

Continue Reading...

About Me

Hi, I’m Saraswathi! Welcome to Meandering Paths, your one stop for finding content that is relatable and genuine.

I started Meandering Paths about a year ago, when I was at my lowest point. I was living an unfulfilled life in a country that held me back in many ways and Meandering Paths was my salvation...Read More