About Me


Hi, I’m Saraswathi! Welcome to Meandering Paths, your one stop for finding content that is relatable and genuine.

I started Meandering Paths about a year ago, when I was at my lowest point. I was living an unfulfilled life in a country that held me back in many ways and Meandering Paths was my salvation.

Or… It could have been, if I had actually published my website. Instead, my life took another turn as I moved back to Montreal, Canada. It took me another whole year to discover another side of my creativity and personally develop this website into something that reflects my personality and values.

At Meandering Paths, you’ll find posts on relationships, positivity, travel, food, frugal living, DIYs, work-life balance and… Well anything else you want to read about! I don’t believe in holding back, so grab a cuppa and get reading!

Fun facts about me:

  1. I love dogs and cats, but I’m terribly allergic to them
  2. I have a degree in psychology, but I cannot read your mind
  3. My husband is the most patient person I know; he’s had enough experience with me!
  4. I am the baby of the family; I have two brothers who are over 10 years older than me!
  5. One of the easiest ways to make me happy is to show me a bunch of cat/dog fail videos - they crack me up!
  6. My favourite animated movie of all time is Anastasia. My second favourite is The Aristocats
  7. I have always been attracted to Irish pop rock bands - my favourites are The Corrs and U2
  8. Doctors and hospitals freak me out. So do loud fireworks, kids with balloons, snakes and geckos
  9. My favourite icecream flavours are Gold Medal Ribbon and Praline and Cream from Baskin Robbins. I never bother looking at the other flavours when I’m at the store!
  10. Spending virtual dollars in the KK Hollywood game on my phone is my idea of splurging.